Bangladesh Massive floods hit world’s largest refugee camp

Cox’s Bazar refugee camp in Bangladesh has been hit by devastating floods, following non-stop torrential rain. The camp is home to nearly 900,000 Rohingya refugees from neighbouring Myanmar.

The rains are likely to continue for several days, and we are already receiving reports of landslides, shelter damage, and injuries. Eyewitnesses say many shelters are underwater, with people trapped inside the camp and no dry land to be found.

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The flooding comes just four months after a huge fire devastated large areas of the camp, and at a time when aid agencies are severely restricted from operating at full capacity.

“The tragedies keep coming for the Rohingya,” says Jamie Munn, Director of GHFT in Bangladesh.

“In 2021 alone, refugees have had to endure rising Covid-19, multiple fires, and now relentless monsoons. In addition, reduced international funding,

the coup in Myanmar, and harsh government restrictions have made 900,000 futures even more uncertain.”

GHFT emergency teams are responding

Giving Hope For Them (GHFT) emergency teams are already on the ground, responding to the severe flooding that is threatening thousands of families.

The roads to the camps have disappeared overnight and GHFT emergency staff have been forced to wade through waist-deep water to reach those in need. Many of our staff have themselves been flooded out of their homes.

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