Afghanistan The first winter distribution

The Giving Hope For Them (GHFT) has begun distributing winter items in Kabul, Afghanistan, to save lives and keep families warm and healthy during the freezing months ahead. We are targeting more than 10,000 of the most vulnerable families throughout the country.

On day one of our distribution, we distributed essential items to almost 500 families in Kabul.

We are targeting 10,200 of the most vulnerable families in Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan for assistance. Many of them live in areas that have only recently become accessible, and that have been affected by recent conflicts.

“Afghans are more in need of humanitarian assistance than ever before. GHFT is reaching the most vulnerable in newly accessible remote locations. These are places where displaced families are returning after years of conflict and where communities have been neglected for decades,” says Silvia Beccacece, GHFT’s acting country director in Afghanistan.

Winter clothes

One of our priorities is to keep families warm during the freezing winter. We are providing warm clothing such as sweaters, winter boots, gloves, hats and socks to all the family members

Alongside this, we are distributing hygiene items such as soap, jerrycans, buckets, mugs, cloths, toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels and bags.

We are also providing other essential items that will help families get through the winter, such as gas cylinders, solar lamps, thermal blankets, plastic sheeting, cooking pots, tea pots, cutlery, plates and bowls.

The distribution started in Kabul yesterday and will continue in other provinces: Jalalabad, Khost and Kabul (Central-East Region), Faryab and Kunduz (North Region), Badghis (West Region), and Zabul (South Region).

“Time is running out”

“With the economy in freefall, people’s resilience is dramatically reduced. Time is running out. We must scale up immediate life-saving assistance while enabling recovery through longer-term solutions,” says Beccacece

“Every day I hear people’s concerns. The desperation is tangible. We see endless queues of people in need in front of our offices.”

“The operational challenges in Afghanistan remain significant. Despite this, GHFT is committed to finding solutions to deliver much-needed large-scale humanitarian assistance.”

GHFT has been present in Afghanistan since 2003. We have 1,400 Afghan employees and work in 14 provinces across the country. Last year we reached 762,076 people with life-saving assistance. 

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