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The power to protect a community starts with a single action – and starts with you

The climate crisis is devastating the world’s poorest countries.

As temperatures rise globally, it is these countries that suffer the most. Vulnerable communities are increasingly overwhelmed by droughts, flooding, and natural disasters. When crops fail or homes are washed away, and there is no food for the children, it can be easy to lose hope. 

80% of people forced to leave their homes by climate change are women. But with the right support, they have the power to protect themselves and their families from the devastation.

Your action today can empower women to protect their families from the climate crisis.

Your action today can help save lives.

Act now to support women on the frontlines of the climate crisis

Fanta’s story

Fanta lives in Mopti, Mali. She is a 43-year-old mother of four children and has a small farm. Like many other women in Mali, her main occupation is agriculture, but in recent years, her life has been getting harder.

When Fanta’s husband died, she was left alone to provide for her children. Fanta told us:

And now, climate change presents yet another huge obstacle for her to overcome. 

Families like Fanta’s are living at the mercy of climate change.   In Mali, 4.3 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. With almost two-thirds of Malians employed in agriculture, climate change is having a devastating effect on many vulnerable farming communities. When their crops fail, families are left with nothing and their children are forced to go hungry. 

With support from you, it is women like Fanta who have the power to turn dry, dusty land into thriving pastures. You can help  provide drought resistant seeds that can withstand high temperatures and limited water and farming tools that will help cultivate dry land. 

Will you stand with women like Fanta?

Your support can help deliver innovative, climate resistant agriculture and protect livelihoods

In places where land is barren and dry because of climate change, innovation can provide inventive ideas for farming. With the help of supporters like you, GHFT launched the Mobile Kitchen Garden programme in Niger, which teaches women how to grow vegetables in portable containers.

One of these women, Ilgamoutt, said:

We desperately need to reach more women like Ilgamoutt, who have the power to protect their families and their futures. This is why we need your support today.

Right now, the impact of climate change is devastating the lives of people in the world’s poorest countries. This Christmas, you can give a gift that keeps on giving to women living in vulnerable communities – support that can empower them to lead their communities and protect their children and their futures from climate change.

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