Restarting our humanitarian response in Afghanistan

In the last week we have restarted our emergency humanitarian response in Afghanistan, where around 14 million people are currently going hungry. These numbers are increasing, fuelled by the recent instability and climate-related crises that have affected agricultural growing and harvest as well as the looming economic crisis.  

Victor Moses, GHFT Afghanistan Country Director says: 

Our crucial food security and livelihoods support to small-scale farmers has started up again in several provinces, this includes providing fertilizer, tools, seeds and trainings as part of a programme to encourage women to develop home gardens and household level livelihoods options. We have also been able to provide vulnerable displaced families with financial assistance to spend on key needs.

GHFT will also restart some of its urgently needed COVID response, health programming and nutritional work, helping women and their families plan and develop nutritionally balanced meals.

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