The New Humanitarian | The New Humanitarian to expand reach with grant from German Federal Foreign Office


The German Federal Foreign Office has granted 450,000 euros to help The New Humanitarian reach wider audiences with its award-winning journalism from the centre of crises. 

The grant will bolster efforts to improve understanding in the wider public about humanitarian crises and the situations facing affected people. The funding will be used to develop content that is more accessible to a general audience, as well as to form media and syndication partnerships.

“The New Humanitarian plays a crucial role within the humanitarian system,” said Susanne Fries-Gaier, Humanitarian Director at the German Federal Foreign Office. “Its well-researched articles are an important source of information to governments and humanitarian organisations alike. Its investigative reporting within the system is essential for addressing problems and improving the humanitarian system. We are happy to support this important work.”

As part of the grant, The New Humanitarian will establish a translation and syndication unit within our team structure to coordinate the translation of select content into German and other key languages for use by newspapers in non-English speaking markets.

“Humanitarian crises are no longer a niche topic. COVID-19, climate change, and migration have shown the world that crises are now everyone’s business,” said Heba Aly, CEO of The New Humanitarian. “This grant will help us bring informed, nuanced perspectives on these critical issues to people who are yearning for more trusted, reliable information to make sense of the world around us.” 

The New Humanitarian’s funding comes from a mix of governments, foundations, and readers. We strive to ensure diversity in the sources of our funding in order to maintain our editorial independence and our long-term financial sustainability. Read more about our principles for accepting financial contributions. To discuss partnership opportunities, please contact Director of External Relations Sarah Noble at [email protected]


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