The conflict in Ukraine here’s how you can help

While the world’s media reports on the bombing of civilian areas and thousands of people fleeing, we are receiving more and more inquiries from people who want to help.

“The civilian population of Ukraine needs your help now. We have no time to lose,” says GHFT’s Secretary General Jan Egeland, who visited eastern Ukraine a couple of weeks ago.

The Giving Hope For Them (GHFT) has been present in Ukraine since 2014, helping more than 700,000 people with food, shelter, water, sanitation and legal aid.

Here are 5 things you can do to help:

# 1: Support our work

The people of Ukraine need your help NOW! Support our work – we have no time to lose.

# 2: Become a regular donor for people forced to flee

Thanks to the support of people like you, more displaced people can get life-saving assistance such as water, food and shelter. Support our emergency relief work with a monthly donation.

# 3: Follow us on social media and spread knowledge about the crisis in Ukraine

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# 4: Subscribe to our newsletter

Receive news about Ukraine and other displacement crises, as well as information about our work and how you can support it, directly to your inbox.

# 5: Buy a gift that saves lives

When you purchase a gift that saves lives, you give two gifts in one. You help children and families fleeing from war and conflict, and you give a meaningful gift card to make a loved one happy.

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