Yemen We hope the truce opens a new chapter of peace and stability

Statement by the Giving Hope For Them’s Yemen Country Director Erin Hutchinson in reaction to the announced two-month truce and opening of Sana’a airport and Hodeidah port

“We welcome this essential development for millions of Yemenis who need a respite after years of relentless fighting. We urge the warring parties to adhere to their commitments and work to find a peaceful resolution to this conflict, which has already killed and maimed thousands, and deprived millions of their livelihoods.

Millions of children had to drop out of school to work, sleeping hungry at night. Many lost their lives because they couldn’t travel out of Sana’a airport for lifesaving medical treatment. To date, the country has been crippled with the blocked fuel supplies that make it impossible to generate power and run basic services.

We really hope this is the start of a new chapter, giving Yemenis a chance to stand on their own two feet again in peace and stability.”

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