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We live in times of social crisis, featuring extreme wealth inequality and declining democracy as well as a renewed attention to labor organizing and mass uprisings for racial justice. What does it take to demand that the wealthy pay their fair share and win prosperity for working people? Strong coalitions made up of labor unions, community groups, and social justice organizations making big and broad demands both at the bargaining table and in the streets— a strategy called Bargaining for the Common Good.

In this roundtable, leaders reflect on how Bargaining for the Common Good stands out as a multi-levered, intersectional approach to racial, gender, climate, and economic justice. Join us to learn how to build new forms of collective power and advance a multiracial movement that can take on 21st century capitalism.

This roundtable explores:

  • How unions can leverage their contracts to benefit communities
  • Why racial justice should be centered in our demands
  • How we build statewide coalitions, and what they can do
  • The importance of rank-and-file leadership
  • What sectoral bargaining can bring to an industry
  • Strategies to link legislative fights to labor issues
  • And more!

Roundtable Speakers:

Saqib Bhatti, Co-Executive Director of ACRE

Ramon Cruz, President of the Sierra Club

Sheri Davis, Rutgers Center for Innovation in Worker Organization

Stacy Davis Gates, President of the Chicago Teachers Union

Cindy Estrada, Vice President of the United Auto Workers

Puya Gerami, Executive Director of Recovery for All

Alex Han, Bargaining for the Common Good

Anjali Madgula, Rutgers AAUP-AFT

Emma Tai, United Working Families

Todd Wolfson, Rutgers AAUP-AFT


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