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Where it all began

About Giving Hope For Them

Giving Hope For Them was founded in 2016 and aims to help people to recover from war and fight poverty in the poorest countries. They work across 79 developing countries to save lives in emergency situations and find long-term solutions to poverty for millions of people. They also focus on empowering women and children to fulfill their potential.

About Giving Hope
About Giving Hope

Tackling Poverty

Ending poverty requires action from every part of society. And as an NGO we have a key role to play, from protecting lives in a crisis.

About Giving Hope For Them

Make Big Impact

We believe that NGOs can make a great impact because they have some unique characteristics that shape their team and mission. 

About Giving Hope

Unite The Society

We hope to bring all of us together for an amazing project. I believe what we can do together as a society can change the world.


Where the money goes

Forcibly displaced people need a place to feel safe and warm, a place to isolate themselves and seek shelter – a place to call home. Shelter and protection are paramount to people who have been forced to flee, leaving everything behind. That is why we always seek to provide shelter and protection as a first response in a displacement crisis.

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The legal definition of a charitable organization varies between countries and in some instances regions of the country.


Human beings are social people. They take care of each other and feel good when someone extends their help to them in the time of need.


People tend to be more sympathetic to the people with whom they can relate. They understand their problems more easily.


The donors who give money to the project are given satisfaction. If he is aware of the functioning of the project.